Day 6

A really nice visit from two of my other cousins yesterday 😊they came down a few hours here for a fun time.

In the pic are Gayle, Donnie and jeannie with my mom in front.

We will be going to cracker barrel once Donnie gets back and my mom gets up and about.

The Mexican restaurant was a real hit last night. What good food and great service ❀️


Day 5

This was from yesterday when my cousin Will came over to visit. It was a fun time πŸ˜€

My mom right now is still asleep. I’ll be heading over to drop off the car for Essie to use. Sure do love that car πŸš—β€οΈ

Around 11 two of my other cousins Jean and Gayle are going to stop by. Another busy day ahead.

Day 4

Me and my mom will be going to have breakfast at Appletree this morning. She is still in bed as I write this. I know she will be going to the Dollar store too afterwards.

My cousin Willis coming over at 2 and he said he will be bringing a sack of White Castles.

I’m going out now to feed the birds. The skies are a bit dark. I think it’s going to rain today.

Day 3

I’ll be meeting up with my cousin Bonnie this afternoon for lunch. Looking forward to seeing her again 😊

My mom is still sleeping. I’m out here in the recliner chair just chilling out… Oops, I hear her coming down the hallway now 🀣🀣

Day 2

Today is my mom’s 90th birthday! I cooked breakfast for her this morning and we hung out here at the house. I picked up a cake for her later today and had it after dinner.

Day 1

Day 1 of Cincinnati trip went fast. My light came in 15 early. I went first over to see Essie and the cats then on over to my mom’s house. She sure was happy to see me again πŸ˜‰

new look!

The first full day of my twin’s visit! The first few hours of the morning brought about a new look to my living room area and a major cleaning up of stuff that is no longer even usable…old VCR and audio tapes from years gone by. Got a big dump run to make to get rid of it all!

Such a cozy look now!