plans for the day

I was up at 5am. The sky was just getting lighter. I went out to water all my trees, getting them hosed down for their upcoming day. Breakfast with the dogs followed that and then a big walk around the property with the gang. It’s going on 9:40 now, it’s warming up outside. Me and my gang are inside now. They are all napping after their busy morning and I am checking emails etc.

I will be heading to town today but will be getting a much later start. Jenna McClintock asked if she could hitch a ride with me and Kelly. So we will pick her up at DVJ at 3pm today and head on into town from there. Getting to hang out with a celebrity! How cool is that? Should be an interesting day to say the very least.

Jenna McClintock on stage at the Amargosa Opera House



quiet day

I was up at 5:30 this morning, nice just being home all day with my dogs. I got a lot of emails caught up again, spent lots of time playing with Leaf and her tennis ball…endless energy she has!

The sun is still pretty hot out there so I’m waiting for it to head down behind the mountain to go out and water my trees for the night. Then back to reading my book. I’m almost done with it!

Charlie and Winston

My friend Kelly was called into work to pull a 12 hour shift at the Amargosa Hotel. So I am keeping her two dogs Charlie and Winston here with me for the day. They all get along here with no problems.

It’s been a relaxing day. Re-grouping after the busy night at work last night. Mind-boggling how busy it is here with all the tourists in the valley. I’ve just been catching up on some shows that I’ve recorded and getting more of my book read.

tragic accident

It’s the talk of the valley. A fatal crash involving 3 cars on Highway 95, head-on collision, 5 people are dead. There was a fire with one of the vehicles, the 2 were burned alive in it. The road was shut down for hours and hours. It may still be closed, not sure. Idiots in a big hurry to get around the car in front of them, right into an oncoming truck. Instant death…5 people, what a tragedy.

I have one more night to go at work. Last night it was packed. A lot had to do with the accident as traffic was re-routed to go down highway 373. I’m sure it will be busy again tonight.


morning symphony

Every morning, without fail, my dogs start howling. Never really sure why they do it, but I love to listen to and watch them. This morning was like every other morning except this time I was sitting out in the living room with Beatrice on the ottoman in front of me. I turned on the video on my phone an caught her contribution to the morning symphony:

Lucky here

Lucky was brought over here at the usual 7am time while Debbie and Dave headed on into Pahrump. I got a text from them saying they were heading home now, so they ought to be pulling in real soon now.

I had bought some tofu at the stores the last time I went in and today I cut it into slices and put soy sauce on them and baked them. They are finally done now, YAY! A healthy snack to nibble on.

As soon as Lucky is  picked up I’ll fix up dinner for them and me. It’s going on 3:30, late for them. I know they were looking at getting a truck to haul the trailer they bought a few weeks ago. Plus yard sales.

In the meantime, I’ve been getting a lot of my book read and of course catching up with emails etc. for Wild Burro Rescue.

Relaxing day

I was up at 5, so got all my trees watered for the day. The rest of the day I caught up on emails and correspondence for WBR.

After that I have been just hanging out with my dogs, reading my book and playing some phone games..

Below is a video clip of Robert and his toy “Mrs. Turkey”. I also have Robert a bath. He looks so fluffy now!

Newsletter is in the mail!!

Just got word from the printer in Bishop, CA that our newsletter for Wild Burro Rescue went out in today’s mail! HOOOOORAY!! Watch for it in your mailboxes for all of you who are on our mailing list. Both Diana and I put a  lot of work into getting it all together and it looks really, really nice! Lots of information and articles in it.

On another note…one split second of distraction and all my recorded shows disappeared. I went through and marked the ones I wanted to delete but somewhere in there I had to have hit “delete all” because I was going to watch a recorded program and it was nowhere to be found. The list was totally empty…oh well…I’ll just have to start all over again. But some of the shows aren’t even on anymore…so disappointing to say the least.

I had the dogs all out for an outing, Leaf is now worn to a frazzle. They are all sound asleep here near me. It is quite warm outside. I know it is NOT near the triple digits though. I will go out after the sun starts its journey behind the mountain range and water my trees. Then I’ll settle in for a quiet evening with my book and my dogs.



I headed into town with my friend Kelly to get some  shopping done and had a nice lunch at the China Wok…love that place!

The winds have been kicking all day. I love hearing it blow around, especially now as night time is setting in. It sings to the desert all night long. Thinking of heading to bed now with my dogs. It’s been a long day:)