Day 1 of fence project 

The day started at 8am meeting up with Alan and Dave to load up the equipment that was going to be used in putting up the fence.  Alan has all the big equipment to get this done fast! 

We got 9 post holes dug with the Bob- cat/auger. My other two neighbors Walter and Gary came over to see the work being done. Walter and I hauled buckets of water, filling them up with his hose. The pizza never happened as Alan and Dave just wanted to keep working rather than stop.  

Got a lot done today!  Alan stopped at 2pm. He said he will be back at 8am with Dave. There are 3 more posts to put in.  Then ground wire.  The actual fence will go up Friday😉

into town

After yet another busy night at work last night, I was up rather early. Wanted to make a trip into town to get some groceries in. I was back by 11, unloaded the truck, got the dogs fed and then worked outside for a bit. I watered the mondale pines…it was a bit on the windy side, but they sure were happy for the water.

Big day coming up tomorrow with the fence project starting. Will meet up at 8am at Alan’s place and load up whatever it is he has then head back here. I don’t need to be back to work till Saturday.  I just hope the winds don’t pick up too super bad.

Super busy last night

OMG, but what a place this is where I work! Busy is an understatement.  Got home a bit after midnight.  Will probably be the same tonight. 

The fence project will start on Wednesday.  I have to go to town tomorrow for groceries. Another busy week in store😉 

step one completed

After returning from the sanctuary, I always have a lot of paper work to go through and put in order. This morning I got all the various receipts over the past month put in order and put in the appropriate place in the big note book that I have for them all.

It was such a fun time with the extra company we had! I was even part of the photo shoot!

This is a work night for me…it’s going on noon…just going to gear down now and get set head on in for the night. The winds are blowing fiercely outside again…out of the South East…I’d much rather be home all night rather than work…but oh well!

Got my dogs fed for the day, they are all napping right now. I’ll see what the schedule will be at work for this coming week…the fence project will start (barring the winds), just not sure what day. I will be working on the website update, donor thank you letters will be going out this week also.

Anxious to get back into reading my book. Seems a while since I last read anything from it. But books are always there, ready when I am.



Assorted work

Being that today is Saturday,  lucky was dropped off here at 7am for the pet sitting day. Shortly after he was here,  I went out to water all my trees for the day. Then back into the house to sort through the paperwork I had brought back from Olancha.

Got a call that my motorcycle was ready to be picked up!  It rides so smooth now. 

Around 5pm, I got a call from my mom.  At that hour I was a bit worried. But all was well.  She said she just wanted to touch base,  that she was by herself and was just feeling lonely. ..awww. ..I hate that. We were on the phone for about 40 minutes. I really wish she’d come out here.  But I know she won’t😯

Tomorrow will be a work night for me.  Not sure what the coming week’s schedule will be. Once I find out,  I will start making the plans to start the fence project. 

two more

I’ve got the truck loaded and ready to go for the morning. While I was finishing up, I decided to do a few trees on the drive. I got two more trimmed and baskets removed. I only have 5 more on the whole driveway now to do 🙂

Next I’ll focus on the trees that are on the outside of my fenced yard…just taking it all at a nice pace. No rush! Loving this semi retirement!

Now I am in for the night. The dogs have been fed, I grabbed something to eat. Ready to delve into my book for the rest of the evening.

tree work

My friends from Encinitas left early this morning to head on into Death Valley where they will spend the night at Stove Pipe Wells, then tomorrow will head to Olancha where I will meet up with them for the night at Wild Burro Rescue.

Shortly after they left this morning I worked on 4 more of my trees, trimming them up, removing their baskets and raking around them. It is looking really good now and the trees seem to like having their limbs thinned out.

I spent time catching up on computer things in lieu of my trip coming up tomorrow. I just double checked with my neighbor to make sure he is still able to look in on my dogs for overnight. No problem there!

I need to get the truck loaded up so I’ll be ready to go first thing in the morning. Once that is done I will stay inside and just chill out with my dogs and read my book.