last night at work one of the customers I was waiting on looked out the window of the restaurant and noticed smoke. When I looked out, too, I saw not only smoke but huge flames shooting up into the air. I told the shift manager who in turn ran outside to check it out…sure enough it seems that the hay and burro poop that is dumped a ways back from the hotel was ignited by the extreme heat. I can’t help but wonder if perhaps someone was walking around back there and threw a cigarette butt down…They’ve been dumping there for years with the two burros, 2 sheep and the one goat that is there at Longstreet…but then again, it is exceptionally hot.


The live band was in last night. We had a pretty good crowd. I’ll go in tonight, too, to finish off my work “week”.

My plan so far is to head to Olancha tomorrow and return on Wednesday. I’ll see how it goes with the meeting with the CPA coming up to the ranch to visit and talk business. I might just leave Tuesday evening…will play it by ear.

back to work tonight

As per every Saturday, Lucky was brought over at 7am for pet sitting while Debbie and Dave head into town. All the dogs are inside right now since it has warmed up considerably even at this early hour (10am)

Have checked emails and plan now just to read more of my book. Debbie said they will probably be home early since it’s so hot…we’ll see.

I will be heading into work for the night…not sure if there will be a live band or if the karaoke folks are back. With the extreme temps here in the valley the tourist are flocking out here to say they’ve been here and “survived”…so many Europeans (Italians and French) out right now.

Time to read some more of my book! YAY!

a new campaign for WBR

Was up early as always and got a jump start on watering my trees and turning on the drip lines for a few hours. Then breakfast with my dogs and working on computer stuff. Diana called this morning and asked if I could put a GoFundMe campaign out that would raise money to help get things to keep her dogs cool in these very extreme  temps we are having out here. So a third campaign is out. You can visit it at:

I also updated the website with the information on what would be a wonderful relief for the 9 ranch dogs at the Wild Burro Rescue sanctuary.

The CPA from Texas will be going to the sanctuary on this coming Tuesday, so I am getting this end set up for dog-sitting while I go over there with the notebooks etc for the organization. Not sure what my work schedule will be for this week. I mentioned to the HR that he was coming in on Tuesday so I know I will have that day off for sure. Depending on the schedule, I will either go Monday and return Wednesday, or go Tuesday and return Thursday. Diana is hoping for the Monday-Wednesday…get there a day ahead of the CPA to go over stuff. So I’ll see tomorrow when the new schedule goes up to see what days I will be working.

I finished my book and have just gotten #19 in the series! And of course I have been playing that new game I found…I’m now up to level 29.

I still need to check the mailbox out by the road to see if I have anything of interest…probably not!


Shelter campaign for the burros

I posted an update on the GoFundMe burro shelter campaign today. As always, you can check it out at our website ( along with the campaign for our senior burros. Both are so crucial for helping us to help the burros! Any donation large or small is greatly appreciated!

Had to go up to the gas station to fill the 2 1/2 gallon tank with high-octane gas for my motorcycle. As I was coming home yesterday on it, it started to putter as I was going down Mecca Road. At least it has a reserve tank, so I switched to that and was able to make it home. I made a trip to the dump since I was heading up that direction to gas station and then on the way back I made a last stop at the bank. All before noon! I’ve been home with my dogs all day long. I fixed up lunch here at my house rather than eating out. The dogs were happy for that!

I’m almost done with my book, too! Emails are all caught up for the day. Still very hot outside. I had watered my trees very early this morning (5:30am). After the sun goes down this evening, I will finish the ones that I didn’t get to this morning.

In the meantime, back to my book!

118 today!

hoooray for the triple digits! This is the desert doing what it does best: be hot. It is powerful, intense and everywhere. I love it! Death Valley reached 130 today!

I checked emails for Wild Burro Rescue and got things caught up for that. There was an email from Donna M. who said she had a surprise order place at Gateway with things from our wish list (see website). What a sweet surprise! When Diana called I asked her if it had arrived and she said she got the supplies today. Thank you, Donna, for your generous help for the burros!

I had a package that had to be picked up at the post office, so I rode my motorcycle there to get it. Since I was already out and about, I stopped at El Valle for lunch. I ate the cheese enchiladas with rice and beans….delicious!


I also gave two of my dogs (Robert and Sally) a bath this afternoon. They look beautiful as always. Of course I got a lot of reading done today, too. I’m about 3/4 done with my book. I found a new game to play that is quite addicting called “Diggy’s adventure“. I’m at level 22 right now. I love the graphics in it!

I had watered my trees very early this morning to get them ready for the day they were about to face in the searing hot sun. So far they are all doing really well despite the heat.



Kelly called to see if she could go into town to cash her check. So we went in to get some shopping done and grabbed a bite to eat at the China Wok. 

Temps went up to 118 today!  Hooray for the triple digits!

Father’s day

Remembering my dad on this special day. It is still so hard to believe that he passed away 8 years ago…the days leading up to his death will forever be seared in my mind. I miss you, pa…every single day

pa and me

Temps are in the very high triple digits here. The heat is incredible. I love the feel of that hot sun though! I have to work tonight again. It should be super busy for this Father’s day evening. It sure was busy last night. The live band “Two Bad” was in for this weekend. They won’t be here tonight though, only Friday and Saturday.

Vacation time is coming up quickly! Looking forward to it 🙂