Cincinnati – day 4

Today I head back to the desert after a wonderful time here visiting with family.

Yesterday, we had our Christmas celebration, with the exchange of presents and of course good food and good company. My time here went way too fast. I know it was tough when I had to say goodbye to my mom. Here are some pics of the 2017 Christmas we had :

Of course we played anagrams and cards

A very enjoyable time that just went by way too fast☺️


Cincinnati – day 3

Today starts my 3rd day of visiting for Christmas holidays with the family.

Yesterday morning I cooked breakfast for my mom and me. What an enjoyable meal just to hang out with her. Afterwards she wanted to go to the Dollar store and then on to IGA to get a few things in because today my cousin Will and Sharon were going to stop by for a visit. They came in at 1 pm and they brought a beautiful pointsietta plant with them. My mom cooked a home style meal for all. It was fun just catching up on the news from Will. The stayed till 3:30 then headed on back to their home in Norwood.

Shortly afterwards, Don got home from his job and then my twin came in. They had dinner, too, that was left over.

After dinner me and my twin went out to do some more Christmas shopping. We went to Target to check it out and bought things there.

After coming back to the house the 4 of us played cards. This time I won the big pot of pennies at the last round!

After Sharon went back home for the night, me and my mom played a game of anagrams!

It was a nice day overall

Cincinnati – day 2

Today starts day two of my quick trip back to Cincinnati to visit with my mom, brother and sister for the Christmas holidays.

Yesterday, I arrived first at my twin’s house where I had some coffee and donuts with her and her friend, Essie. Then we headed on over to my mom’s place! She sure was happy to see me. We went out for breakfast at Bob Evans. After breakfast, we came back to the house. My mom stayed home while my twin and I went to do some Christmas shopping! Went to the mall first thing, the favorite hangout to see all the new things there, then on to kohls, Big Lots and Kroger. Then back to my mom’s where we just hung out and caught up till my brother got home. We ordered dinner out and ate here at the house.

The rest of the evening was spent playing cards! A very relaxing and fun time with family.

So today begins day 2. My cousin Will is going to come over today at 1 for dinner here and a visit!

Cincinnati – day 1

Arrived on time but then had to sit on the runway for a good 40 minutes before even getting to the gate… Had to be towed there. The pilot never said what the “issue” was.

At least the driver was easy to find and I am writing this in the back seat of the car. I really love this shuttle service! Snow was coming down. Looks like it’s stopped for now. Seeing lots of familiar places now. Almost at my twin’s house, then on to my mom’s

Christmas party

Last night was the Christmas party at work! It was a really fun time, with good food and good company. I will always say that here at Longstreet it is like a big family. It is a fun place to work because of the co-workers. The team work is awesome!

I’ve been catching up on last minute things here at the computer. I already have my boarding pass now for my late flight out tonight! I still need to go to the post office and mail off the donor receipts and then a trip to the bank to put my Christmas bonus check into my account. I’ll pack a few things for my trip…packing light! It will be fun to visit with my mom and twin and brother even just for the 4 days I’ll be there. First time we’ve all been together for Christmas since 2012.

lots of work to do!

I brought a lot of work back with me from Olancha. As always, my first priority is to get the donor receipts printed out and ready to be mailed. I got them printed, now I just need to address the envelopes and they will be going out in tomorrow’s mail.

The Christmas party for work will be at 5pm. I’ll head over there to get my bonus check. Not sure how long I’ll stay.

My neighbor Debbie sent over a picture of Andy with his new sweater. He is adorable! Hopefully, this will keep him warmer on the bitter cold nights we are having here now. She said he was shivering from the cold when the sweater was put on him…poor Andy.

Andy with his new Christmas sweater!

back from Olancha

Had a lot of work happening while in Olancha with a hay delivery for the burros! There were 3 folks there to help for the weekend. That was such a big help to get the hay unloaded, burros fed and watered etc.

Naturally, I brought back a lot of work to do for the computer end of things. I will sort everything out tomorrow though, not tonight. Tonight I am just going to hang out with my dogs. I already got them fed for the night and lots of playtime in for Leaf after I got home today. I was home by 2:30. The sun if down now, it’s 5:15pm. I’m going to shut this all down for the night and just relax and watch a few show I had recorded. The dogs are so happy to have me home. Tomorrow I will try getting all the paperwork in order, hopefully get the thank you letters/receipts out to donors. Tomorrow is also the Christmas party at work. …Got to find out the time for it. Will go to at least get my Christmas bonus check!

getting ready to head out

It’s a little after 7am. I’ve been up since 5, just getting geared up to go for the overnight stay in Olancha at Wild Burro Rescue. I already gave lots of playtime to Leaf and the other dogs. Leaf is just catching her breath now from all her running after the tennis ball. I have everything ready for Kelly and her daughter Ruby for when they come to stay the night with my gang after she gets off work today. I asked Dave if he could look in on the dogs around noon just to let them out and spend some time with them. Kelly and Ruby will be here around 4:30 or 5 for the rest of the “shift”.

I’ll be bringing back lots of work to do for sure! It will be nice to see Diana again. I haven’t been over there since the end of October. This will be my Christmas visit!


warm day

It was a bit chilly this morning but sure did warm up nicely in the afternoon. I sprayed down my trees and then turned on the drip lines to give the roots lots of water. I still have the lines on.

The propane guy came this morning, too. I asked him to top the tank off. Now that the nights are colder, I am using more propane to heat the house.

I will be making an overnight trip over to Olancha tomorrow. Kelly will stay with my dogs while I’m there. I’ll be back early on Saturday. I’ll be bringing back lots of computer work to do, donor thank you letters will be coming out soon!

For the rest of this night, I am just going to chill out with my dogs. I just got them fed for the night. They are all asleep right now. I see that “The Mummy” with Boris Karloff is on right  now on the TCM channel. WOW, that’s an oldie!

I’m not scheduled to work this weekend. The Christmas party is on Sunday. Guess I’ll go to that…just to get my Christmas bonus check. I don’t go back to work now till after I get back from my trip to Cincinnati to visit and be with the family…I’ll leave late Monday (11th) night to head back there till Friday (15th).

Time to wind down for the night now. I was outside a lot today working on watering my trees and taking the dogs out to play. The winds have finally died down, skies are blue and the sun has warmed things up. It is starting its descent now … another day is done.