heading over to Olancha

getting a later start, but I have the dog situation all under control. Gary will come over around noon to look in on my pack and around 5pm Kelly will come over and  will spend the night with them and will be here 24/7 after that till I get back early Thursday morning. Got some stuff that needs to be taken care of business-wise while there at WBR.

Ready to head out now. It’s going on 9am. Just one quick stop to my bank before heading west through the valley.

morning shift

It’s been quite some time since I last worked a morning shift…it’s so different than the swing shift. All went well though and the 4 hours went by fast. I was off work at 10:30, just in time to watch the eclipse! I had to go to the bank and was very lucky that Dave had made the special glasses to see the solar eclipse. It was incredibly awesome, even though what we had was a partial one, it was still magnificent just the same!

I am off now until Friday. I may make a trip to Olancha tomorrow and come back on Thursday. Going to see if Kelly will stay here with my gang…24/7 with them. She offered to do that, so I will take her up on it if she is able to tomorrow. Luckily for me, her days off are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday…I am waiting to hear back from her. I know this is one of her 12 hours shifts down at the Junction. She won’t be off till 8pm tonight.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on back and forth emails and on the line with Diana. I’m ready to just shut all this down for the night. Time to get back into my book and hang out with the dogs.

cabin in winter
I know this is the middle of summer, but I saw this picture and really thought how wonderful it would be to be inside this isolated cabin…me and my dogs and all my books…paradise :))

clever scheduling

Well, who would have thought that the scheduling at work would take this turn: I told HR that I can work just 2 nights a week because of the Social Security limits. They are so busy at this place that she has me working 4 nights doing a short shift on each night which equals 2 nights. WOW! And to take it one step further, I am scheduled to work a morning shift tomorrow from 6:30am-10:30am and then 6:30pm-10:30pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday….clever. They are only 4 hours shifts but now instead of 5 days off, I will get only 3. But that means more tips for me, so I’m not complaining. It was another super busy night last night. The live band was in, too! Glad I have today off:))

work night ahead

Was up at 5am and I hose sprayed my yard trees and the ones around the fence for the yard. Also, gave vitamin B1 to them all in the yard.

Lucky came over his usual time of 7am. Just came in from some play time with him:)

I also got a phone call from my cousin Bonnie! was great hearing from her, getting all the scoop on the whole ordeal Beth Ann has been going through. We were on the phone for close to 2 hours. So now, I am just giving a quick look at emails etc., then will shut this all down for the day and gear up for a busy night at work. Not sure if it will be karaoke or the live band tonight. Kinda hoping for the live band!

lot of computer work

I made a quick trip into town again…had to deliver the property taxes to the county offices. Since I was in town anyway, I got some more dog food and a new fan for my living room. The other one bit the dust.

Lots of great donors that I needed to get receipts to, corresponding back and forth. A big shout out to Mimi for the  supplies ordered through our hay/feed supplier: AWESOME! There were other things computer-related that had to be done also. I updated the website on the “wish list” page. I am finally caught up now. Time to shut this all down and chill with my dogs!

Tomorrow is a work night for me and the morning is when Lucky will be brought over here for his usual dog sitting that I do while Debbie and Dave head to Pahrump. Then I’ll be off Sunday!! Of course I have no idea what my schedule will be for next week…typical.

relaxing day

It’s nice knowing I have NO plans for today other than to hang out all day/night with my dogs, catch up on computer work, read my book and continue to WIN at chess against my twin!

I put out a new post for the senior burro campaign we have going at GoFundMe.  Give it a quick look and help these old timers out!

I worked a bit on my motorcycle with putting air in both tires…didn’t realize how low they had gotten…yikes! Still no word from the guy at work who wants to buy it. I’m not going to say anything because, like I said earlier, I kinda really don’t want to sell it now. So I’ll see how it all pans out.

I’ve been working on the next issue of the E-flyer for Wild Burro Rescue! I have it almost completed. It won’t go out till September…can’t wait!

airport and town

Well, after the unsettling night of me thinking it was morning time…geeeesh. I got up this morning (yes, it was really morning!) and watered all my trees before heading over to pick Kelly and Ruby up to go to the airport. Made good time in getting there. After Ruby was dropped off, Kelly and I headed back to Pahrump where I got my shopping done. We stopped for lunch at the China Wok buffet, on to Walmart and then took Kelly home.

I got back to my house and got the groceries all unload, fed the dogs and gave my mom a call to see how she’s doing. She sounded really happy and upbeat which is always nice to hear!

I got caught up on my shows that I like to watch and watched “Suits” at 6pm. It’s been a long day and now I’m going to just shut my laptop off and do some reading and then on to bed. Tomorrow is a new day. I want to work on the September E-flyer tomorrow, I have a few receipts to print and mail out.

But for now I will just kick back and relax and hang out with my pack.

WOW…just WOW

What a bizarre happening. If you look at my previous post, I posted that I was all set to head into Las Vegas to take my friend Kelly and her daughter to the airport… I mentioned that I “slept till 7am”…NO,NO and NO…I went to bed at around 5pm and woke up at 7PM. It was still light outside, I felt really well rested and I assumed I had overslept!

Now for the bizarre part: I got up at what was really 7 PM but thinking it was AM. I took a shower, let the dogs out, fixed a quick breakfast, all this while it was still daylight (I thought “morning sun”)…well, now it’s going on 8PM  and I’m still thinking it’s AM…I looked out the window and noticed how “dark” it looked for what I thought was 8AM. Then I thought, “oh well” and proceeded to tell the dogs that I had  to go to town and that I would be right back, got in my truck and headed over to Kelly’s place!! Of course now it is pitch black outside, no lights on in her house…I looked at my phone to check the time/date. I figured it hadn’t updated itself…I mean, REALLY?? I was convinced it was Wednesday morning already. So, NO, I didn’t sleep for all those hours. I slept about 2 hours! No wonder the dogs didn’t even wake me up…why should they? It was still going on nighttime. I feel like I was in a time warp of sorts. A little unnerving to say the least! I was so sure it is morning time. As I write this it is 8:45PM…But how weird is that? Got up thinking it was morning and going about the day as if it were: even doing up breakfast!

Scary thought really!!!! Never had that happen before. It’s just funny that I feel so rested. I guess I am since I thought I slept all those hours…LOL

Well, since it is only 9pm now, I guess I will really go back now and get yet another good night sleep and then will go to Las Vegas TOMORROW! I just know the dogs sure were happy to see me when I got back home here…after driving over to Kelly’s house…OMG!