Worked a buffet today!

It was a different day today at work. I got to work a buffet for a bus group! A nice change from working the floor.

It was fun putting it all together and taking it down only to reset it for the steakhouse that will be open tonight.

I’m getting ready next to go pick kelly up to go down to Death Valley Jct to see the opening show that will be at 7pm. Looking forward to seeing the film crew of the movie “Amargosa” again. It’s been many years that I last saw them!



Funny how I can always talk myself into not going into town anymore…I was thinking to go in late last night…but come the morning I said to myself “I don’t really need anything urgently” and so I opted to stay home and go nowhere.

Instead, I worked on the November E-flyer for Wild Burro Rescue. I had started it a few days back…but one phone call from Diana changed it. The focus will be different from what I had originally come up with. I finally got it done and sent her the PDF file to check it out to see how she likes it. She texted back “it looks great”!! So I am way ahead of schedule on getting it done. It will go out on November 1st.

Diana is also  working on writing articles for the Christmas newsletter that I will be putting together for her! I really love working on this stuff, putting it all together and seeing a wonderful end product.

I spent a lot of time outside, too, with the dogs, taking them on their long walk around the property. I saw a part of the fence that needed fixed so I came inside to get the parts to secure the fencing to the post. The dogs “helped” with that project of course!

Tomorrow I will be working that weird shift of 10:30am- 2:30pm. Then tomorrow evening I will pick Kelly up and we will be going to the Amargosa Opera House for the special show to open the season. The film crew who shot the movie “Amargosa” will be there to help celebrate. It will be fun to see them again after all these years. I was in the film when it was being made back in the late 90’s! Yay me!


Another day off for me! Woke up to cloudy skies, got an “alert” that rain is in the forecast. So time will tell if that will be true or not.

I took the dogs out on their long walk all around the 10 acres and then watered all my trees in my yard and around the fence of the yard. I also decided to dig a well around my biggest elm tree and filled it twice with lots of water.

It’s only going on 11am. The dogs and I are inside now with me doing computer stuff and they are all dozing off after having been outside all morning. I got pictures of 3 of my 4 dogs…Leaf is under the futon. Hard to get that pic!

Starting off this Tuesday morning

Got the day started at 6:15 this morning. I don’t have to go into work now until Friday! I already had the dogs out for their big walk on the 10 acres, had breakfast and got the driplines going on all my trees. It’s going on 9am now, will work on computer stuff again.

I had talked to Diana yesterday and she had some revisions for me to make on the website…update the “wish list” page. So that will be my next project. Of course I am still working, too, on the November E-flyer for Wild Burro Rescue🙂

The weather is perfect outside, the door is open for the dogs to go in and out. Glad I will be home with them all day!

Half shift tonight

I had the dogs out earlier for their big walk around the 10 acres. Then on to do some more computer work. The new E-flyer is coming along nicely!

Got off late last night from work. That s the full shift night. Glad that I have only a half shift for tonight. If was so busy there. They had a live band in. Will have to get with HR about my hours… They are adding up too fast. I don’t want to go over my limit with the SS😣

work night coming up

Lucky was brought over at his usual 7AM time. I have to head to work to be there at 2 instead of 2:30…gonna make for a long day/night. Not sure if there will be a live band or if the karaoke is back. Will find out when I get there.

The winds are kicking up and it adds a bit of a chill in the air. The dogs are all inside here with me. They were all out earlier and had their playtime. They are all just napping now. I got caught up on emails for the day. Will just finish off my remaining time before work reading my book. I started the last of the huge series I have been reading. This is book #22 by Kate Kingsbury that I just started reading this morning.

Not really looking forward to work tonight. I know we won’t get off till late…

“Silly Monkey Trucking”…stuck

Today is my last day off for a few day now. I decided to make a trip into town to get in some groceries and dog food. Went to the Family Dollar store this time, gassed up and headed home. I was home before noon. As I was coming up on Longstreet Inn I saw a truck facing horizontal on the road…I couldn’t quite figure that this was indeed what it was until I got closer. Here’s what I saw:

What was he thinking? He got stuck in the sand. I felt bad for him…for sure Friday the 13th was very unlucky for him.

Of course the name on the truck lent itself as to why this may have happened! I just drove behind his truck as did other cars coming and going in both directions. All I could think is WHY?? A truck that size to make a turn like that? Did he forget his phone back at the restaurant?

I got my trees all watered for the night and got the dogs fed. Now to just kick back and relax with my book. I’m almost done with it:)

productive day

Really tackled a lot of the work I needed to catch up on: the banking for Wild Burro Rescue is now caught up and the biggest thing: the website is updated with a video and pictures from the Bunks & Burros #2 event that was held at the sanctuary from October 6-8th. I got a start on the November issue of the monthly E-flyer for Wild Burro Rescue. That still has a bit of work to get it finished…little by little!

Earlier I had the dogs out for their walk on the 10 acres. The winds are still kicking out there. They tapered off a bit this morning but back again.

It ‘s been a relaxing day here with my dogs, my work and my book. I called Diana today too and got caught up on news of the sanctuary. All is well, volunteers of course would be a nice plus aside from the one who is already there and her. There is a lot of work for two people…she could use more:))

I’m done now for the night. The dogs have been fed, I had something to eat also. Now just to unwind with my book and just hang out with my dogs. I will still have one more day off tomorrow then it’ll be back to work…ugh!


another day with my dogs

nice just having the whole day off again. Got a lot done on the computer. I finally got some pictures from the Bunks and Burros event of last week. I’ll start updating the site tomorrow.

The winds are picking up pretty strong now. I can hear  them kicking around. I already had the dogs out for their walk around the perimeter of my 10 acres and just got them fed for the day. They are all just laying around sleeping now.

I made a quick trip to the bank earlier, too, to put some stuff in my safe deposit box. Yay me! Rode my motorcycle there. That should be the last time I use it now … got to get it ready for Tim.

The rest of this day will be spent reading my book and just chilling with the dogs.