Double duty

Just got home after belong for 3 1/2 hours in housekeeping at Longstreet. Getting set to head back in for swing shift. Going to be a long night! I helped with the housekeeping yesterday too. Me and the dishwasher teamed up and today we got 22 rooms finished. We both will be going in tonight to do our regular shift.

The dogs are all fed now. I’ll head out on about 25 minutes 😣


Work night ahead

Lucky was brought over here at his usual 7am time. I have been on the phone with Diana getting caught up with the goings-on at WBR. She said it is a gorgeous day there, finally no rain!

I have to go into work tonight. Hoping there will be a live band rather than people playing the juke box that is there! Time will tell.

trip to town

I was up early and decided to get an early start into town to get my shopping over with. I went to Smith’s again, refusing to go to Walmart now that they have taken all but 4 lanes out and put in all self-serve checkouts. The customer in front of me at Smith’s said they will shop there now rather than Walmart for the same reason as me! Smith’s is doing quite the business now. The parking lot at Walmart is pretty empty looking. GOOD!! I hope this will show them that not everyone is into the self checkout crap. Half the time they don’t work right anyway.

I got my revised driver’s license today along with my new insurance card. Turns out I now have not only medical, but dental, vision and “fitness” also! How cool is that!

Ready to call it a night now. Lucky will be over here again tomorrow at 7am.


Finally, at long last, we got the rain we needed so much here in the valley! I’m still hoping for a LOT more. The winds are still kicking out there. I was thinking to go into town today but opted out (again) and just stayed here at home with my pack. I did have to go out earlier to look in on the cats for Alan. I think this should be my last day for a while.

For Valentine’s day I got a box from my mom with candy in it and database stuff from my twin. Then I got a box from Alan with hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries and then Debbie and Dave stopped by with homemade cookies by Debbie. WOW, I hit the jack pot!

Here are some pics that I took this morning at my place. Look at all that water!! Happy trees!

driveway is quite flooded up at the gate!
Looking east at my twin’s house

cold winds

I was up early with the dogs, the sound of the winds against my house. Very cold indeed! There is supposed to be a big front coming in tomorrow that will ideally be bringing in lots of rain…one can hope.

I got a call from Diana this morning. She said it was pouring down rain while we were on the phone and that it had snowed there the other day. This front will be bringing snow more than likely at her place. She has a much higher elevation there than I do here in Amargosa.

I’m still waiting for my new driver’s licence to come in with the new address on it that we all had to get out here in the valley. So much hassle to get it changed over and get the info out to all you have correspondence with. At least this should be the last time.

I have one more day of cat sitting that will be tomorrow. Next week I plan on making a trip over to Olancha. I was going to go this week but the cat sitting happened. Oh well, it is what it is!

I’m still getting around in the CBD site that I signed up for to sell. I was able to post something to twitter but FB won’t let me post saying it is “contains blocked content”…I have an email to the support team to see if they can help me resolve these issues. In the meantime here is a link to follow:

You should be able to check this all out and get some great deals:)

Quite the day

When I got up this morning I found that I had no water! I noticed yesterday that the water pressure here in the house was very weak and then this morning it was totally gone. I have the cat sitting to do so I went there first and then focused on the water problem after I got home. I ended up texting over to Debbie to have her ask Dave if he knew what the problem might be. He came right over and figured out it was the pressure switch that was stuck. He got it “unstuck” and it is working fine now.

I spent an hour or so just going out and insulating the pipes again. There is supposed to be another big storm coming in tomorrow…right now the winds have picked up again and the temps are dropping. The dogs are all inside here with me and they are sound asleep 🙂 I can hear Robert snoring!

I have gotten into a sideline business where you can order CBD products now from me. Here are a few links to follow:

cold and windy

Even though the skies are a beautiful blue it is so cold with the winds kicking around out there. I took the dogs all out for their walk around the property…BRRRRRR!!!! We all all back inside now where it is warm and we can hear the winds rather than be out in it.

It was a really busy night again at work. We had a big group of bikers in and a new band playing. Made for a fun night. Lot of people in from the middle east and some Germans, too. One more night to put in then I’ll be off for 5 days…hoooooray for retirement!

For the rest of the remaining time here before work, I will shut this all down and get my book and chill out with my pack and the sounds of the winds blowing fiercely outside.