Will be heading out shortly to olancha for a meting with our core group of volunteers from LA. I’ll stay the night then come back home tomorrow 😎


data base caught up!

I worked most the day on getting the data base caught up = success! Tomorrow I’ll head over to Olancha for the night, returning on Friday. We are having a meeting with our core group of volunteers from LA to plan out the coming New Year. Should be quite interesting for sure.

Enough computer work for today. I am all caught up on everything which is great, as I know I will be bringing more work back with me from the ranch. Time now to shut this all down and hang out with my dogs, my book and some of my recorded shows.

I love my book time…a whole other world!

The bob cat

the bob cat of Amargosa Valley

I decided to take only Leaf and Andy out on the property for a walk this morning…good thing the rest of my pack didn’t seem too excited about going out. Perhaps they sensed something in the air! I no sooner had gotten around the corner at the north-west end of my property then I this bob cat came right up to the fence just a few feet away from me, Leaf and Andy. Well, of course Leaf went ballistic and started barking, lunging at the fence trying to get the cat. Andy was barking like a maniac too. I was so happy that I didn’t have the others from my pack. Any other time i would have them, with Robert running leash-free, Beatrice on leash and Sally with her harness on but leash dragging behind her.  I really do believe if I had the others with me, it would have come onto the property and gotten one of them. Needless to say, I won’t be walking them out there anymore…kinda sad, as they love their big walks.

I made my reservations for the airport shuttle for my upcoming trip to Cincinnati  in January to visit my mom. I also updated the website with putting the newest  newsletter on it! Busy day!  Now it’s time to just chill out with my pack and watch some of my shows.

new page to website

Yep, check it out! I’ve added a new page for the volunteer/live-in opportunities! It was written by our volunteer coordinator. Go to the page at 

Once again I’ve been asked to switch days with one of the waitresses. She will work for me tomorrow if I work for her Monday morning…not too crazy for the morning shift…also, she shot over the schedule for next week and they have me down for only one day a week…WTF??? Everyone has a day cut off…time for the GM to rake in all he can so he gets his big bonus = cut everyone’s hours. Such BULLSHIT

I’ve ordered 2 different sheets of new stamps:  one with the picture of Poppy and me and the other of a little Christmas burro. I really love the site!

I will be going in shortly for the night shift tonight. I am caught up with the donor receipts. They went out in yesterday’s mail. All that is left for me to do is to catch up on the database…but that will be for tomorrow. The rest of this day is just for chilling out with my gang. It’s a beautiful day outside! It is 57 degrees with a slight breeze and perfectly blue skies.

Lots done

I was up early with my pack. A big walk on the property then in for breakfast.

I got me little tree up for the season with its one strand of lights. After I got the tree up, I started in on getting more envelopes printed and stamped and to the post office.

I got all my Christmas cards written out too 😎those all have been mailed. I’m sure the will be more cards written when I get cards from folks I may have forgotten.

Ready now to just call it a night. Cozy night with my dogs and my Christmas tree and lights

I brought more work back with me from my day trip over to Olancha. I signed up for last week and am now set up to print my own stamps here at the house. I really wish I had looked into it a whole lot sooner! They charge on 47 cents per stamp, not the 50cents of the post office price. Not really sure how they do it, but hey, it’ll save me a lot of money in the long-run, plus it will save me trips to the post office!!

Today I was able to get the receipts all printed up from what I brought back with me yesterday. Tomorrow I will print the envelopes and stamp them!

The dogs are waiting for me to get away from the computer. I’ll shut this all down for the night now and just watch my shows and hang out with my pack.