crazy day already

I just can’t wait for my work night to be done. I’ve been running around all morning. First going to Lathrop for gas, pick up Kelly to take her to work, then on to Alan’s where there was a hassle with his jacuzzi…spent time texting back and forth on how to reset it since there had been a power glitch in his area….finally home at 10:30…now have to go in early for a mandatory meeting…geeeeeeeesh….then stay for my shift tonight. I’m happy that kelly offered to hang out with my dogs after she gets off her work today, knowing that I will be getting in very late again tonight. That is nice! My poor dogs don’t know what the hell is going on with my going in and out…oh well.


packed day

Up at 5:30, breakfast with the dogs, then headed over to the cats earlier than usual since I never made it there yesterday. After I was through there, I picked Kelly up and took her to work. Home again and now in another 15 minutes Walter will be here to pick me up to go over to his friends over on Anvil and then on to lunch at StateLine and then back here to get ready for my night at work…My dogs don’t know what’s going on today!

busy day

I headed over to Alan’s to take care of the cats a bit earlier than usual since I was going to be taking my friend Kelly to town for a dentist appointment. We got there and she had a wait of over an hour…what poor service!! Oh well, she was able to get that tooth pulled that was causing her so much pain. I’m happy it’s over. Walmart was next and of course the lines were long since only a few lanes were open. I checked to see if my new glasses came in yet and no, they did not…she said they might be in tomorrow…so that means I will just have to wait to next week.

Tomorrow I will be heading to Olancha for an overnight stay for the Bunks and Burros event! There are going to be 16 people coming in! The biggest weekend yet! How exciting indeed:))

I’ve got the dogs all fed now and I took them for a long walk around the property. They are tired now, all laying around very relaxed and dozing off. A quiet night in store now.

I’ll be up early tomorrow to head to Olancha…busy weekend coming up

winds still kicking

It was so nice being home last night with the winds whipping around under the desert skies. They are still at it, blowing pretty hard as I write this. I just came in from taking the dogs on their big walk around the property. I had brushed them all right before we went out…the wind has made it look like I did nothing at grooming!

Diana called and she sure is excited for this weekend. Should be at least 16 volunteers showing up! She will be getting the bobcat tomorrow so it will be ready for when the help comes in. I’ll go Friday and come back on Saturday…the cat sitting job threw this off for me. I don’t want to stay away too long with them having to be looked after.

I have my front door open. The temps are cooler today. I love the winds!


what an incredibly busy night at work last night…OMG. Boggles the mind. I’m still a bit beat from it, very tiring indeed.

The winds are picking up now. I just had the dogs out. I have my front door open, it’s quite comfortable. I’m just glad to be off work. I’ve already gotten the cats tended to over at Alan’s place. I will just relax with the dogs today. I have stuff I need to do here at the computer…not  a whole lot but enough.

My mom called earlier to update me with the news going on back there with Beth Ann. Sure doesn’t sound good…I feel so sorry for her.

This is a good day to be inside with a new book I’ll be starting and the winds blowing fiercely outside.